Two New eBooks!

Now that back-to-school season is in full swing, you may be looking for a short read (or two!) to explore ways you can be healthier. This is why I released the following eBooks this summer:

25 Days: Weight-loss Reflections through Writing. This hands-on journal offers 25 topics related to weight loss, some of which are based on my own experiences. We often log stats and other information about our weight loss journeys, but this journal takes it a step further by asking you to reflect on the process and use your creative juices to learn even more about yourself.

You can find 25 Days here.


Writing with Depression and Anxiety: Seven Considerations and Tips to Keep Going with Your Craft. As writers, we are often stereotyped as angst-like creatives that prefer solitude. I wrote this short eBook from my own experiences as a writer with both depression and social/general anxiety in hopes of helping other writers overcome similar barriers to their creativity. (Note: This eBook should be used as a guide only, and is not a substitute for medical help or therapy.)

You can find Writing with Depression and Anxiety here.





I Ran the Star Wars 5K!

While I was finishing up my PhD, I embarked on a new challenge: running. Though I’m admittedly a newbie at running, the challenge helped me both mentally and physically. I had a set-back right before graduation with a foot injury, but I kept at it with walking and running intervals. I decided to mark the occasion by participating in the Star Wars 5K this month with my son and my brother. It was admittedly a blast!

Read more about the experience on my running blog here.

Star Wars 5K 2019_Medal Closeup

Aside from my mental disabilities scholarship and wellness writings, you will also be seeing a lot more of my writing focused on newbie running and how it’s helped my own mental health. Stay tuned!

I graduated!

This past December, I graduated with my PhD in English (Rhetoric and Composition) from Georgia State University. My graduation is a result of 3 1/2 years of hard work and advice from my wonderful director, Lynée Lewis Gaillet, pictured here with me after the Commencement Ceremony.

Me and Lynee Graduation

After such a significant milestone, I’ve been reflecting on life and resetting my future goals. As of right now, this will entail active participation in Rhetoric and Composition scholarship, including the intersections of Disability Studies. I’m also continuing with my freelance writing mission to focus on health and well-being, while drafting book-length projects to boot.

Stay tuned for upcoming news related to conference appearances and publications!